FIBTPLC - Fellows of the Institute
To become a Fellow, the professional must attend "Specialization in Contacts" and go through a 2-hour test consisting of 200 questions in one of the IBTPLC headquarters.
Also an evaluation practice is needed in "Clinic in Contact Lenses". The benefits to become a FIBTPLC, we can list:
  • Create opportunities for FIBTPLCs to become known in their local academic circles;
  • Develop a team of FIBTPLCs who can provide professional and quality education to the student;
  • The FIBTPLCs has rich material information for better attention to patients;
  • Are the overall level of education contact lenses;
  • Improves the clinical care contact lens, creating the opportunity for collaboration with the contact lens market;
  • Participate in the IBTPLC scientific meetings;
  • Power use in your signature/logo FIBTPLC on their resumes or sites/blogs;
If still in doubt in becoming a fellow of IBTPLC, please contact us we will be ready to serve you.
Check out some of our members who already have the FIBTPLC recognition:
Bruno Camargos de SouzaDaniela Garese Eliana  F. C. de CamargoELISETE DE SOUZA COSTAGuilherme Cassiano Ittel Berenisse Peña MirandaJose Maria dos Santos JuniorLetitia LamdinLuciana VasquesRenato Aparecido RamosRonaldo Teixeira MendesSergey Cusato JrSergio Mario Garcia

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